TopUp failed? no need to worry !!

You can recharge money from your TopUp Balance to any number instantly. For most of the cases, the recharge will be successful instantly.

  • 99% of Recharge transactions are successful within seconds.

However, few recharge remains pending. This usually happens when bank charges from user but gateway failed to communicate with the bank, because of MNP or we are not able to get the correct status from the bank due to network issues.

  • 100% failed to recharge refunded within 24 hours

As and when it happens, our priority is to auto refund all the failed/pending recharge. Users can check their history and can see what happens behind the scenes in such scenarios.

TopUp team keeps checking at regular intervals to know whether your transaction was successful or failure.

  • 99.9% of the cases get customer support in the next working day and you can check the status in your TopUp Balance history for failed transactions, money has been refunded to your TopUp Balance.
  • For cases where you do not get an auto refunded within 3 working days (less than 0.02% transactions), we proactively refund the money in users TopUp balance.

In all scenarios, we assure you, that your money is safe and will be rolled back to you if any failure happens.

If you are having any difficulties using TopUp, don’t forget that our customer care team are always here to help. You can chat with our customer care team using chat or send us an email to

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