Make your Movie experience easier with TopUp

When it comes to entertainment, the movie is the first thing that strikes your mind. We are excited to welcome Blockbuster Movie Tickets to join TopUp mission of simplifying movie ticketing in Bangladesh !!!

If you are planning to watch the most awaited film of the year, But don’t even go outside to get a ticket.This is where TopUp movie ticketing platforms come in.

We are happy to announce that TopUp launched a new feature book movie Tickets on TopUp. So now your movie experience is more easier and   more amazing with TopUp App.

Just go to TopUp App and click simple steps for booking or buy the movie tickets. Don’t let the long queues and endless wait time ruin your movie-going experience.

TopUp ticket booking platforms are not only covering all major cinema in the blockbuster hall but also expanding to offer tickets for events, theater.Such platforms technically run over a ticket booking software, but there are a lot of other details that makes these systems such a success.

TopUp has made your life more convenient !!!!! Get set to experience a flawless and quick movie ticket booking platform which lets you choose from a number of multiplex theatres and a list of latest movies. 

“ TopUp mission is one stop destination for booking all movie tickets available at anywhere and anytime. ”

TopUp is one of the best movie booking apps available on Google Play and IOS. Being a new app, it allows you to booking all the latest movies to watch at home. 

The business model of movie ticket booking portals is quite simply. It helps people buy movie tickets and for every ticket booking. Such platforms With a safe payment system, you have the ease of booking tickets from anywhere and anytime.

Now Save money and time by booking your Movie tickets on TopUp.Find movie showtimes, movie theatres to book your movie tickets online and get movie ticket offers only on TopUp.

Now every day becomes as enjoyable and relaxed as the weekend!!!!! So Why wait for when you have TopUp…..

If you are having any difficulties using TopUp Movie Tickets Booking don’t forget that our customer care team is always here to help. You can chat with our customer care team using chat or sending us an email to

Have any queries? Leave a comment below and we’d be happy to answer!!! 

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