Way of recharging with an app named TopUp

owadays no one needs to go to the shop or to any vendor for recharging their phone numbers. This is the time where everyone can recharge their phone number on their own.

A simple way of recharging with an app named TopUp we have recently launched.Any smartphone users ( Both Android and iOS ) can recharge their phone number with just one tap using Debit or Credit card.

It has all been very simplified and easy!!!

So let’s see how easy it is to recharge a phone number by TopUp. Why would you recharge your mobile using TopUp App ??

  • Easily recharge any operator number in minutes and get instant cash back.
  • Add your money on TopUp Balance and then you can easily recharge it.
  • Share TopUp app with your family and friends though Refer code and get refer bonus instantly.
  • Get promo code use it and get cash back on that.
  • Buy Mobile Data and all Package by TopUp.
  • Available in both English both so you can select your own language.
  • No extra charge for using TopUp.

Here is how TopUp works:

Step: 1           Go To the TopUp App and Tap your Phone
select the number and the type and operator.

Step: 2           Enter the recharge amount.

Step: 3           Tap recharge and go to the payment page.

Step: 4          Simply choose your payment method, enter card details and click pay now.

Step: 5         payment successful and get recharge instantly.

In TopUp App you can also add money on TopUp Balance. Here are a couple of the steps add money on your TopUp Balance.     

Step: 1  Go to the TopUp App and select the Balance icon.

Step: 2  Enter the amount you want to add and click Add to Balance.

Step: 3  Simply choose your payment method,


Step: 4 Enter card details and click Pay now.

Step: 5  payment successful and your Balance added instantly.

In case you have some questions in your mind, here are some FAQ in TopUp App help.you also connect with our email, SMS call facebook inbox for any kind problems and query.

If you Having any kind of trouble with your recharge than Our support experts will be right with you.

Other hands you also Head over to PortWallet and open a support ticket.

What’s new in TopUp?

  • We work on online blockbuster movie tickets.
  • Balance transfer with your family and friends.
  • Faster TopUp to your friends and family

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