Are you excited about TopUp bonus???

TopUp bonus is currently live on…!!    The bonus is a reward given to all TopUp users for making recharge from TopUp App.

We’re delighted that this is an exciting offer for our TopUp honorable users. TopUp offered their honorable users UpTo 10% cashback bonus in TopUp recharge. The Cashback bonus is available for Max 3 times daily.

How do I get TopUp bonus?

You can get an exciting cashback bonus by recharging any number from TopUp app. Cashback bonus generated from the system so that the bonus amount can be any percent (minimum 1%). The cashback bonus amount needs to be minimum .5 to get a 1 point as a cashback amount.

Where can I see my TopUp CashBack bonus?

Your total Cashback bonus is visible in your preferred TopUp App homepage.

For detailed information about the cashback bonus from each recharge, you can see the Balance History on balance page.

How can I use my cashback bonus?

TopUp users can get cashback bonus points to their TopUp balance and they can use it for future TopUp like you have got a cashback bonus of 5 points. So You can use it for next TopUp recharge.

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